COHORT II - Begins Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Taking Off the Makeup Journey Group is a 6-week Spiritual and Personal Development Program designed for women to draw closer to God, and to bring awareness and healing to those areas in their lives that keeps them in a place of stagnation and prevents them walking in purpose.

In addition to the 6-week online course The TOTM Journey Group consists of:

  • Private FB Group

  • Two 1 on 1 Meetings 

  • Daily Devotionals/Motivation

  • Copy of book, "Taking Off the Makeup: Loving Yourself as God Loves You!"

  • Workbook, "Loving God, Loving Me, Staying FREE!"

Some results of being a part of the TOTM Journey Group you will:

  • Experience spiritual transformation and healing in areas of your of your life that you hide behind

  • Have a greater love for God and for self

  • Discover your purpose and/or untapped potential

  • Gain clarity about next steps in your life

  • Have greater confidence and willingness to take risks

  • Move forward and progress in areas where you were once stagnant and stuck

$997 Value.  Your investment is $297 for a limited time only.

 (Payment plan options available).

If you are interested in being a part of the TOTM Journey Group please click here.

FREE 30-Minute Consultation to determine personal needs and to see if the group will be able to help you meet spiritual and personal development goals.



Rev. Wanda Coleman is gifted writer, a dynamic preacher and a powerful woman of God.  Her ministry provides biblical application to real life issues. I have found her to be approachable and compassionate with a heart for serving God's people.  I truly fill uplifted when I am in her presence and enjoying learning under her teaching.


Rev. Dr. Wanda Coleman is great preacher, teacher and author!  She brings anointed insight coupled with humor and conviction.  She has an excitement for the Word of God and an excellence in handling the Word of God in a way that grabs your attention and makes you sit upright!  She has a love for her hearers and a passion to see people healed and restored.  She truly is a gifted woman of God and is used of God to change lives!


I just want to thank you Dr. Coleman for allowing me to experience the moment of restoring my zeal for God and learning to let go and see myself as God sees me. I'm truly grateful that through your workshops and conferences, I had an opportunity to hear God speak through you into my life because of this I'm truly on fire for God and will never lose my zeal for doing kingdom work glory.




The purpose of this ministry is to gather associate clergy and leaders from around the globe to discuss issues in ministry that are unique and pertinent to the role of an associate.


  • To develop associate clergy and leaders through education, fellowship, empowerment and spiritual formation.

  • To provide a safe place for associate clergy to discuss issues pertinent to their unique positions in ministry. 

  • To give associate clergy practical tools and teachings so that they may more effectively lift up the arms of their pastors and leaders .

FREE Consultation for those who are seeking assistance with ministry and/or marketplace needs. An assessment will be given to determine  if FOATA can assist the ministry and/or marketplace entity.  

Rev. Michele-Teague Humphrey, Pastor

Imani United Church of Christ

Thought-provoking, empowering, and engaging with practical and relevant information and insight for church leaders to meet the ever-changing and ever-increasing needs of the Church, Dr. Wanda Coleman and her seminars are a valuable resource for leadership development.

Dr. Coleman recognizes the tension of Pastors seeking to lead congregations forward, but leadership desiring to maintain status quo and helps to build forward thinking leadership that ministry may evolve as it moves forward in pursuit of vision.


Pastor Fred Graves

R.O.C.K. Church

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction."  ~John Crosby

Dr. Wanda Coleman reflects the true essence of Crosby's quote.  In that she is willing and available to push those she comes in contact to walk in the path that has been chosen for them.  


I am honored to have experienced that push and listening ear as I matriculated through my seminary journey.  Those days where I seemed confused and lost, were days Dr. Coleman allowed many relevant moments for me to pick her brain.  


Dr. Coleman remains to be a voice of encouragement throughout our community by offering motivating and creative moments that inspire leaders and women to pursue their purpose and their destiny in life

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