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You Don't See My Humanity

You don’t see my humanity,

You only see the clothes I wear, and the neighborhood I live in

When stop and frisk or pull me over without cause

You only see the color of my skin

You don’t see my pursuit of more

My desire to be great

You don’t understand or see that I have purpose

All you see is hate

We are more than task forces and committees that you form with no real intentions to affect change

Our concerns deserve more than your ignorance

At the end of the day the task force only serves as a buffer to appease

A people you are set against

It’s you I need to talk you!

It’s you who need to see my tears!

It’s you who need to feel this raw emotion!

It’s you who need to hear my fears!

Why aren’t you here to face your constituents?

Why aren’t you here to hear my concerns?

Why aren’t you here to listen to my experiences?

It's because you really don’t care, I’ve learned

Don’t tell me to shut up!

Don’t tell me to be quiet!

Why won’t you speak up,

In the midst of so much violence?

White America’s silence is deafening

Your silence speaks volumes

Don’t stand for me behind closed doors

If you’re silent on the forefront

You don’t see my humanity, because if you did there would be change

You see this black skin, and your first reaction is “thing,”

Blackness brings to your mind “thug,” and “no name,”

“Less than” and “other human,” instead of black queen or king

You may not see my humanity

But human is what I am!

Made in the image of a powerful God

Who is the great “I AM!”

He sees my humanity

He sees all that I go through

He knows all of my challenges

And He sees you too!

He sees how you treat His children like chattel

He sees how you try to dictate

He sees when you call yourself fighting for rights

While hiding behind white supremacy and hate

One day you will have to answer for how you treat me

One day you will have to give an account

One day you will have to speak on why you didn’t see me

Why my humanity you discount

You don’t see my humanity

But thankfully you don’t have the final say

Remember we all will have to give an account on how we lived and treated our neighbor

On a day called Judgment Day

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