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From Preparation to Praxis

Updated: May 21, 2022

As I launch into unchartered waters as an entrepreneur, I must admit there are days where I wonder if I heard God correctly. Did God say do this, or is it just the "in" thing to do? As if to break me out of this wandering in my head and thoughts too long, God always sends a sign - a person, a message, a text, something to reassure me that I heard Him correctly.

We are vessels filled with a great treasure. If you are a Christian, you are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our advocate, counselor, and guide, He leads us into all truth. He lets us know when we are on the right track, and when we are off base.

We are filled with gifts and talents, not for our own personal use; but to edify the Body and to make an impact in the Kingdom. We are filled with the Good News, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have an opportunity to partner with God to be His hands and feet in the earth. Yet oftentimes we can fall into the trap of thinking that we are not qualified.

"Who am I to do this?"

"Do I have enough credentials and skills?"

"Will they listen to me?"

"Will they receive me?"

What I am learning is that there will ALWAYS be something else we can add to our arsenal. Technology is always evolving. Information is old at the snap of a finger. Skills that were new today will be outdated tomorrow. There will always be a certification to obtain, a course to take and a credential to seek out. We must be careful that we do not fall into the trap of always adding and never using what is already in us.

Being prepared is a great thing!

Sometimes God will change the trajectory of your life and in this new space there is a possibility that you will have to obtain a few new things. Yet, part of preparation is doing. We must move from preparation to praxis. Praxis means "action, practice."

Continuing to acquire "things" may just be an excuse to stay where you are. It may be a guise to give the appearance of forward movement when you are really stuck and afraid to step into what God has for you fully. It is a beautiful thing to be teachable and to be a life-long learner, but you want to make sure that you are not using being a life-long learner as a crutch because you secretly believe you do not have enough.

You have enough.

Whatever you lack, God will make up the deficit. Whatever you need, God will provide.

Right now, I need you to tune out the voices and conversations that you hear. I need you to guard your eyes. What we see on social media is often not real. I need you to tune out those who mean well, but in many ways, keep you in a place of doubt because as soon as you drum up the courage and confidence to step out, they throw something else at you that causes you to succumb to being a lesser version of yourself.

Always striving to get the next thing is an indication of something deeper within you. You have enough, but question if you are enough. I want you to know that you are enough. You. Are. Enough.

I had to check myself in this recently. I am on a new trajectory as a coach and recently completed a process through Let’s Win Sis Coaching Certification Group. We learned about Coaching Fundamentals, Best Practices, your target audience, to name a few. We had assignments to complete and procedures to learn and put in place.

We learned about social media and how to leverage it for our businesses. We worked on personal and spiritual growth in this group because you must be aware of and in touch with what is going on with you as you seek to serve others. All this to say – we went through a process that took time, study, and perseverance.

Yet, a few days after completing the process, I began to wonder if I needed more. I began to wonder, “Is this enough?” As I began to research information to see what else I could add, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “No.”

I am a Transformation Coach. My area of expertise is spiritual and personal growth. I have been trained in my area of expertise through seminary, have degrees in this area and over 15 years of experience. Seminary taught me not only how to craft a sermon and Church History; it taught me about the human condition.

If all the years I spent training to get my Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees, and the additional process of being a Minister in Training prior to becoming licensed and ordained is not enough, then that client is not for me. If there is anything additional I need down the road, God will impress it upon my heart to do something about it. Until then, I am equipped; now I must do.

So, before you get on social media and see all the posts about what others appear to have, know that none that matters. Your journey is your journey and cannot be compared to anyone else's journey. Stay focused. What God has for you is for you. You are prepared. It is time to put all that preparation into action. You have enough.

You have God.

You have your gifts.

You have a call and a purpose to fulfill.

You have people to impact and places to go.

You are enough.

Nobody can do what you do like you do it!

There will always be someone who has more, but that does not impact what God has for you.

Do not waste any more time is time to multiply by using what is already in you.

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