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He Calls You Daughter

He Calls You “Daughter”

What have you been called, precious woman of God?

What name identifies you?

What names capture all that you have been through?

What have you been called?

That dreaded “B” word, “Ugly,” “Stupid,” or other hate names

That points more toward their ignorance but deeply adds to your pain

Or maybe you’ve been identified by other words that inflict harm

Like “Prostitute,” “Loose,” “Promiscuous,” which point to the fact that you find comfort in man’s arms

How do you identify yourself?

Do you call yourself “Minister,” “Doctor,” “Lawyer,” “Pastor,” “Director,” or “Boss,”

All just titles that we pursue at a great cost

To our families

To our friends

To our selves – in the end

We get so wrapped up in our titles and embrace the negative names we have been called

That we forget that we are precious Daughters of a Father who owns it all!

He calls you “Daughter” when others fail see your worth

He calls you “Daughter” when others identify you by your past

He calls you “Daughter” even when you can’t hear Him

Because the other names that you have been called ring with a blast

But the wonderful thing about Jesus Christ is that He is God in the flesh and sees the beginning from the end

He knew that you would be entangled in an identity crisis because of your experiences and all that you’ve been through

He knew in advance the deep personal desire to be recognized and considered astute

He knew you would cling to the titles that identify your achievements and your fame

He knew that, to some people, you would even go unnamed

Like the Woman with the Issue of Blood who pressed her way through a crowd

Just to touch the hem of His garment - she really made Jesus proud!

Because at the end of the day, she didn’t allow what others called her to keep her in her place

A place that drained her, alienated her, burdened and left her in an unclean state

She was considered unworthy of human contact; she couldn’t even worship in the temple

But one day, the faith on the inside of her identified with the man named Jesus, and she reached out to touch Him

Out of all the names she had been called the name that He called her reverberated to her soul

He called her “Daughter,” and made her whole

Precious woman of God, you may have been called many names, some that may have wounded you to your core

But Jesus calls you “Daughter” - a name that affirms and restores

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