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Lamentations of a Black Body

Lamentations of a Black Body

My God, My God, Why?

How much more God? And for how long?

Danger all around

No protection, no compassion, for the black body to be found

The butt of jokes, constant mockery of the Black experience

By my own and by those who just don’t know

An experience filled with suffering and pain

An experience filled with assumptions, misconceptions and perceptions of the skin that I am in

The skin that I am in . . .

Black, so beautiful, yet feared

Black, desired, yet disdained

Black, hypnotizing, yet hated

Black, educated, yet ignorant

Black, is how You made me, so I must live in it!

So how can the clay question the Potter?

How can the created question the Creator?

I know You can handle my questions! I know You handle my inquiries!

Oftentimes it is because of questions that You give the greatest revelation!

It is because of questions that You share a part of You that comes only through the asking of questions!

This black body cries out to you!

This black body needs to hear from you!

Am I nothing more than Strange Fruit?

Am I nothing more than a target to shoot?

Yet, Your Word tells me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works!

Your Word tells me that I am a masterpiece!

A masterpiece is beyond description; beyond the limitations of how a world would like to define it.

A masterpiece is a broken mold that cannot be contained within the confines of social constructs, and the world’s –isms and hold

This black body is reminded that Black IS beautiful!

Black is strong!

Black is unique!

Black endures!

Black perseveres!

Black is bold!

Black is secure in arms of God!

I am reminded that though forces wage against me,

Though understanding at times escape me,

Though the news that I hear and witness may knock the wind out of me,

This black body will continue to seek Your face and praise Your Name!

Though the world may try to define me,

Though the media may try to scapegoat me and put a negative spin on me,

Though the world, and yes my people, at times aggravate me,

I will hold true to your Word!

I will walk by faith and not by sight!

I will forever praise You because I know if this black body is never loved by the standards of this world, I know that You love me.

And You will never leave me

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