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I pray that you take the a moment to read the blogs and allow them to encourage you.


If Women Remained Silent

If Women Remained Silent

Who’s trying to silence you, girlfriend? Who’s trying to take away your voice?

Who’s trying to tell you not to speak? Who’s trying to snatch away your choice?

Who’s trying to tell you not to dream – that what you see is too lofty to reach?

Who’s trying to break your spirit – in the things that they say and the things that they teach?

Why, if women remained silent,

Battles would not have been won (Deborah)

Children would not have been fed (Miriam)

Songs would not have been sung (Hannah)

Prayer and intercession would be dead (Zipporah)

Leaders would not have been healed (Naaman’s maidservant)

The Good News would not have been carried (Mary Magadalene)

To a dying world proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Savior

The Son of God and the son of Mary

So today I encourage you my sistah, let your voice be heard!

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