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I pray that you take the a moment to read the blogs and allow them to encourage you.


A Talk with the Father

Forgive me. Forgive me when I see everyone else's mistakes, flaws and shortcomings and not my own. Remove the plank from my eyes.

Heal me. Heal the hurt in my heart. Restore to me joy of my salvation. Remind me of the days when joy was of abundance. Remind me of the times when I experienced you; when I had true and real encounters with you, and allow me to thirst for you again.

See me. You are the God who sees. When no one else sees me, acknowledges me or calls my name; and when I struggle to see myself as your prized creation, see me. Allow me to focus on and see the beauty around me, and to realize there is beauty underneath the ashes.

Continue to knock on door of my heart. I want to pursue and seek you as I did when I first encountered you, and even more. Allow me to feel the compassion in your touch and the softness of your voice as you beckon me to draw near.

Remove the hurt and pain. The bitterness. The resentment. And replace it with your love, care, compassion and concern.

Help me to thirst for you like never before. Walk with me as I walk by faith. Hold my hand as I step into unchartered waters. Guide me as I walk through the valley. Lift my head when depression and despair seeks to weigh me down.

Be my friend. As my world changes and people come and go or are removed, be my friend. As I rest to catch my breath in the ever changing pace of life, be my friend.

That friend that sticks closer than any brother.

That friend I can't wait to talk to because I'm sure to laugh.

That friend I can't wait to see because with only one look you already know what's going in me or with me.

Be my friend.

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